Procurement Services

The Office of Procurement Services provides leadership to Colorado State University in the procurement of goods and services by combining sound business controls with efficient and timely service. Procurement Services assists departments in obtaining the best value for every dollar while complying with applicable rules.

Procurement Services manages general procurement and strategic sourcing, Kuali Shop Catalogs, Procurement Card (PCARD), and the University’s Small Business Program.

Scam Alert

Procurement Services is the target of a scam for the purchase of large quantities of materials (computers, toner, thumb drives, acrylic plastic, adhesives, batteries, and more).

Here is an example of how the scam works:

A scammer sends an email request or submits a website form to purchase goods using a name associated with Colorado State University.

The requests come from various forms of the Colorado State University email domains such as and, although different email addresses are seen frequently. The domain for Colorado State University is which is also being used for the scam.

Many different area codes are being used in the requests. The area code for the Procurement Services office is 970, however, this has been used as well in requests.

CSU Police were notified when the first incident was brought to our attention.

Do not respond, provide any information or fill any order. Remember, if it looks suspicious it probably is a scam.

If you believe you are a recipient of a scam call or email similar as described above, please report it to Procurement Services. We would appreciate any email messages received being forwarded to

Please share this information with others in your company that should be alerted to this scam.


6010 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6010
Phone: 970-491-5105
Fax: 970-491-5523
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