Procurement Card (PCard) Forms

  • PCard Quick Guide - Quick reference guide for the most commonly asked PCard questions. The PCard Quick Guide is not intended to replace the Cardholder’s review of the entire PCard Program Handbook.
  • Approval Request for 5-3 Account as Default Form - A 5-3 account MAY be approved as a default for a PI who has ONLY a 5-3 to charge Requests for this exception will be reviewed by Sponsored Programs on a case-by-case basis. Complete the form and forward it to: Office of Sponsored Programs, Dept #2002
  • Approver Agreement - Used to authorize a new Approving Official to review and approve Cardholder transactions and documentation.  ***Please attach a list of cardholders who will be affected by this form.***
  • Cardholder Account (New - Change - Delete) - Used to establish a new Cardholder with PCard, for changes to Cardholder information (i.e. to change number of transactions and spending limits, to change default account numbers, to change Approving Official or Reallocator, etc.), and to notify PCard Administration that a card should be cancelled.
  • Cardholder Account Instructions - Instructions to be used for completing the PCard Cardholder Account Form.
  • Certificate of Exemption for Colorado State Sales/Use Tax - Used when a merchant requires tax information for CSU.
  • Certification of Lost /Unavailable Documentation - Used when a Cardholder is unable to provide the required merchant receipt or transaction documentation.  Chronic use of this form by a Cardholder who routinely does not obtain or retain merchant documentation should be reported to PCard Administration.  This form is required for any PCard transaction that is not accompanied by documentation from the merchant.
  • Certification of Lost/Unavailable Documentation Instructions - Instructions to be used for filling out a Certification of Lost/Unavailable Documentation.
  • Expense Documentation Related to Official Functions - Used for any Official Function (OF) including facility rental, decorations, awards, and food/beverage for personal consumption.
  • Fort Collins Area Hotels - PCard Procedures for Fort Collins Area Hotels .
  • Kuali Reallocator Authorization Form – Used for Reallocators and Approvers to request, change, or delete access to Cardholder PCard transactions in the Kuali Financial System. ***Please attach a Cardholder Account Change Form for each cardholder who will be affected by this form.***
  • Program Entry - Used by Directors and Department Heads to notify PCard Administration of their desire to participate in the PCard program.  To be used whenever there is a change in Directors/Department Heads or new department to update the PCard system.
  • Violation Warning Form - required to document any Cardholder’s PCard transaction where a violation has occurred.
  • Violation Warning Form Instructions - Instructions to be used for filling out the Violation Warning Form.

PCard forms, with original signatures may be sent to:

Procurement Services
6010 Campus Delivery
PCard forms, using University Approved electronic signature method may be sent to: